London Irish United for Life


‘London Irish United For Life’ (LIUFL) is a group of Irish people living in the UK and working to raise awareness among the Irish diaspora of the great danger that the Irish constitutional referendum on the 8th Amendment poses. We don’t want Ireland to make the same mistake that Britain made fifty years ago when it introduced the 1967 Abortion Act.

Our Story

Many of the people who form part of LIUFL are recent emigrants and so still eligible to return home to vote in the referendum. Other participants include:

-long-term Irish emigrants

-Irish citizens from the north of Ireland and who therefore don’t have a vote

-people with Irish parentage

-others who are simply interested in the referendum and want Ireland to retain its right to life constitutional protection.

London Irish United for Life

wishes to demonstrate that the Irish community in the UK includes many people who are pro-life, make known its support for saving the 8th Amendment, and encourage eligible Irish people to go Home to Vote “NO” in the upcoming referendum.